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Welcome to LUA. Here at LUA my team and I are committed to the delivery of technologically advanced minimally invasive treatments for conditions of the renal tract. We have extensive experience in robotic (robotic assisted keyhole), laparoscopic (keyhole)and laser prostate surgery. At the time of writing this web site we have one of the largest series of minimally invasive radical prostatectomies in Queensland and currently I am one of only a few surgeons in Queensland certified to perform open, laparoscopic and robotic assisted radical prostatectomy surgeries.Charles has the largest experience of robotic surgeries on the Gold Coast, with a personal experience of several hundred cases. Although based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Charles performs robotic kidney and robotic prostate surgery at The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane. The Wesley Hospital has the largest experience of robotic surgery in Queensland and one of the largest in Australia.

Keyhole surgery is the art of performing operations through small incisions for prostate removal. The result is superior vision, less blood loss, near elimination of blood transfusions and a far more rapid recovery and convalescence time. Robotic surgery is another type of keyhole surgery that utilises a different surgical interface when compared to standard keyhole. With robotic surgery, specialised instruments are inserted through ports or small tubes which are placed in the abdominal wall. These instruments are then controlled by the surgeon who sits on a consol, to perform the surgery. The operation is viewed in a 3D magnified screen. In my opinion, surgery can now be performed in a less traumatic, more controlled fashion with oncological (cancer) results and functional outcomes which are at least as good as the results obtained by surgeons with extensive experience in open surgery. I have been involved in keyhole and robotic assisted keyhole urological surgery since 2003 and have a combined experience of over 600 cases.

As a complement to keyhole surgery and robotic assisted keyhole surgery at LUA we offer GreenLight laser prostatectomy (GLP) for the management of bothersome urinary symptoms in men, related to benign prostate enlargement. We established the first GLP program in Queensland in Feb 2010 and have been performing GLP since June 2008 at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital , Lismore NSW.

At the time of writing, over 600 GreenLight laser prostatectomies have successfully been carried out. The results of our experience have been presented at national and international meetings. Following on from this experience LUA offers training and mentoring for other surgeons interested in learning this technique.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to multiple centre throughout Australia, America and China helping to train other surgeons in this treatment option.

We performed the first UroLift prostatic implant in Queensland in August 2013. UroLift is a minimally invasive treatment option for the management of urinary symptoms related to BPH. It involves the insertion of a series of small clips or anchors into the prostate in such a way that obstructing tissue is retracted and the pressure on the urethra relieved. Since that time we have carried out the largest number of implants in the state of Queensland with excellent results. This has lead to our invitation to become a training centre for this technique and we have now been involved in the training of urologists from around Australia in this minimally invasive treatment option for men with bothersome symptoms related to benign prostatic enlargement.

Welcome to our website! I hope you find it informative and easy to understand and navigate. If you would like further information about the services we provide please forward your enquiry and my team will respond to you.

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Charles Chabert